SKY-TRACK-Vision Spur H0 lange Auflage (120 cm)

Acrylic glass tube with track system (16.5 mm) incl. 2 hoods; internal dimensions: width: 47 mm / height: 75 mm

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120 cm lang
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150 cm lang
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180 cm lang
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210 cm lang
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240 cm lang
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270 cm lang
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300 cm lang
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This tube is designed for the Sky Track Unit.  At each end, it has additional boreholes to screw it into the curve.

Dust-protected – by two precision-manufactured dust-protection covers

UV protection by high-quality Plexiglas

Transparency guaranteed for decades

Clear view of your models

Integrated rail system

Full navigability by means of track adaptors

Extensive range of accessories

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