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FDL-0-060 Nutzlänge 550 mm
60 cm lang
495,00 € *

FDL-0-080 Nutzlänge 750 mm
80 cm lang
522,00 € *

42,00 € *

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This set includes everything that you need for perfect presentation and functioning.

The black or white Plexiglas baseplate is also equipped with 3 pairs of roll-blocks and various fillers.  The protective hood slides into the groove milled to receive it in the baseplate, so that the combination is practically dust-free.  Now all you have to do is connect the connecting cable to your digital control device.

Its highlight is the almost invisible, built-in LED lighting system.  This warm white light is built discreetly into the hood.  Here the vehicle is illuminated from above.  The picture is made complete by the chassis lighting, which is integrated into the baseplate below.  In this way, the chassis, perfectly illuminated, becomes an eye-stopping feature.  The connection power-pack is included in the scope of delivery.  So, position the locomotive, connect the plugs to the electrical outlet, switch on the current, and you’re done! 

Does your locomotive have more than three drive axles?  Just order article RSF-G.  This comes in pairs and we install it directly into the Functional Display at the factory.

Scope of delivery:


black Plexiglas baseplate with warm white LED lighting

3 pairs of roll-blocks


connection cable

protective hood with warm white LED lighting

connection power-pack for the lighting

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