Quality made in Germany

For 20 years HLS Berg GmbH & Co. KG has been a by-word for high-quality products "MADE IN GERMANY". 




With TRAIN-SAFE, the company HLS Berg GmbH & Co. started offering innovative showcase solutions to model train collectors in 1994, which for the first time enabled them to display their model trains in a presentable environment, but also to easily transfer model trains or whole train units from the showcase to the system, so as to be able to see them in motion.


In the meantime, an extensive range of products with integrated roller bases and, following the trend in model train development, with digital and sound technology has been developed around the showcase tubes. 


100% of our development and production takes place in Germany. We even obtain our manufacturing materials from local suppliers. We are highly committed to the location and we produce crystal-clear TRAIN-SAFE tubes of up to 3m in length in a high-quality manufacturing process. Each product undergoes individual quality testing and careful packaging. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality.

Advantages of Train-SafeTrain-Safe designs "The Display Case".

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