Here you will find the various Sky Track curve parts. A TRAIN-SAFE Vision tube is always used in between. The radius is 515 mm.

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STB-090-A 90° Bogen mit Anschluss
226,00 € *
STB-090 90° Bogen
206,00 € *
STB-180-A 180° Bogen mit Anschluss
323,50 € *
STB-180 180° Bogen
302,50 € *
STG-030-A Erweiterungsgerade mit Anschluss
110,00 € *
STG-030 Erweiterungsgerade
90,00 € *
STK - Anschlusskabel
28,00 € *
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The only Plexiglas overhead track in H0 gauge that is in serial production world-wide.

Make your hobby the centrepiece.  You can do this right away with Sky Track.

Plan your own line! Run your trains without taking up any space at all.  This is the alternative to a railway system.  Just hang sky Track from the ceiling.

With one 90º curve, one 180º curve and a straight extension piece, here you can individually design your own lines.  Our Train Safe Vision tubes are inserted in between these individual elements.  Sky Track comes only as an H03L variant (alternating current), but it can also be connected as a direct current track.

Dimensions of the 90º curves: 715 x 650 mm.

The 180º curve is 1430 x 650 mm.

We will be happy to help you design your line; please send us a sketch of the set-up you require.

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