Functional Display Gauge H0

Here, you may design your own functional display. Please read about the scope of delivery below.

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FD-H0-038 Nutzlänge 355 mm
38 cm lang
126,00 € *
35.5 cm lang
41,00 € *
FD-H0-058 Nutzlänge 555 mm
58 cm lang
141,00 € *
55.5 cm lang
46,00 € *
RS-K Rollenbockpaar
24,00 € *
HS-A Holzsockel Ahorn
20,00 € *
HS-N Holzsorte Nussaum
20,00 € *
HS-M Holzsorte Mahagoni
20,00 € *
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Each functional display (FD) consists of a black acrylic baseplate with an adjustment range of up to 220 mm. Here, the 3 pairs of roller blocks provided (for the powered axles) and the filling parts may be individually adjusted to accommodate whichever locomotive is desired. The connection cable is simply connected to a transformer or digital controller – and the stationary journey can begin.

If you simply want to leave your locomotives without operating them but making sure they are dust protected, then order the appropriate protective hood (SH), which turns a functional part into a decorative eye-catcher.

The functional display will look even more luxurious with our wooden base, available in maple, walnut or mahogany, though only for the 38 cm display model.

Does your locomotive have more than three powered axles? You may want to order the RS product.  This part is delivered in pairs and is built directly into the functional display at our plant.

Scope of delivery: FD

Black acrylic baseplate

3 pairs of rolling blocks

Filling parts

Connection cable

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