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DV-TT Deckel für Plexiglasröhren
4,25 € *
DT Deckel für Travel Röhren
4,50 € *
RT-AS Reinigungstuch
6,50 € *
AR-AS Acryl-Reiniger Antistatik0,25 l
7,50 € *
AR-05 Acryl-Reiniger 0,5 l
7,50 € *
PP Polierpaste 50 g
11,40 € *
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Article DV-TT applies to all Pure, Basic and Vision variants.

Article DT applies to all Travel variants.

RT-AS is an anti-static cleaning cloth that is used without additional cleaning agents.  The cloth is already impregnated with a fluid and picks up dust superbly.

AR-AS is an anti-static cleaner that picks up dust and maintains the acrylic glass long-term.

AR-05 is suitable for heavier contamination, such as that from oils.

PP, polishing paste, is for fine scratches, which can be buffed out using this compound.

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